Civil Law

Please note: Additional 2017 & 2018 course descriptors and updates are being uploaded incrementally as they become available.  

Personal Injuries (DAMAGES) – An update (Click link for more information)

This short module, introduces you to the latest case law in the area of personal injuries, from the High and Supreme Courts. The course deals with issues pertaining to the Statute of Limitations, problems with PIAB authorisations, liability, the consequences of false or misleading evidence and problems relating to proving psychological damage. The module will cover all recent cases in this area of law.

The Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act – 2015 (Click link for more information)

This short module introduces the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015 which was signed into law on 30th December 2015. The enactment of this Act has been long-awaited and was a long time in the making. The measures in this Act dramatically alter the landscape surrounding the law on capacity in Ireland and it brings about the long-awaited repeal of the Victorian-era Lunacy Regulation (Ireland) Act 1871 and the Marriage of Lunatics Act 1811.

Debt Collection and Repossession – An update (Click link for more information)

This course focuses on the newest developments and challenges facing practitioners on both sides of the debt collection and repossession divide.

Developments in Medical Negligence Law, 2014-2016 by John Healy SC (Click link for more information)

Medical negligence cases continue to generate a significant number of reported decisions, some of them unique to their context (the parameters of the Dunne test) and many of them more generally applicable to the law on causation and damages. This paper rounds up the significant developments since 2014. 

The Court of Appeal – Practice & Procedure  (Click link for more information)

The Court of Appeal was established under The Court of Appeal Act 2014 and allows for new procedures in relation to bringing High Court appeals. This lecture introduces participants to the recent legislation and rules which govern The Court of Appeal and deals with the practice and procedures for bringing appeals before the Court.

Mediation in Practice  (Click link for more information)

This module deals with Mediation as a form of alternative dispute resolution. With The introduction of The Arbitration Act 2010, The Mediation Bill which is currently in process and the various Court rules allowing for Mediation, this is an alternative dispute mechanism which every practitioner must become familiar with. This module covers all of the relevant legislation, Court Rule and cases in the area, the types of cases Mediation suits and the rules for running a Mediation in practice.

Hearsay Evidence in Debt Collection Case (Click link for more information)

This short-module gives participants an understanding of how Irish law has developed in relation to hearsay evidence in debt collection cases and the challenges that exist in the aftermath of the Stapleton and Dermody decisions of the High Court. It is particularly relevant to solicitors and barristers with a background in debt collection/banking litigation.  

The Assessment of Damages in Negligent Advice Cases: Impact of Asset Values  (Click link for more information)

This short-module provides litigators with a practical set of frameworks in terms of quantifying damages in negligent misadvice cases in which losses have been amplified by the loss of value of assets. The course is particularly relevant to solicitors and barristers with professional negligence specialisations (particularly in relation to legal, property, accounting and financial advice).