Tadhg O’ Mahony BSc, Dip, PhD

Tadhg O’ Mahony has more than ten-years of experience in the field of scenarios. From public policy to private business, he has delivered training in the use of scenarios, implemented numerous scenario planning exercises and has been involved at the coalface as a participant.

Tadhg holds a PhD from Dublin Institute of Technology, where in 2010 he completed his research at the Futures Academy on scenarios of the Irish energy system. He has worked in industry as a consultant, in communications and as an environmental manager. Two times a Marie Sklodowska Curie postdoctoral fellow, following two years at the Madrid institute for advanced studies he is now postdoctoral fellow at the Finland Futures Research Centre in Helsinki, a global leader in the futures and scenarios field. He has published a book, a book chapter and numerous academic journal papers on scenario methods and their outcomes.

Photo - Dr. Tadhg O'Mahony