Objective Oriented Project Planning

This short module, introduces you to the logic of the project cycle. It provides a systematic framework for both administration and participatory learning processes. This module is particularly relevant from accountability, transparency and result oriented perspectives.

By the end of this module you will have gained competency in:

  • Organising results oriented planning processes.
  • Formulating a project logic for technical appraisal.
  • Formulating management indicators.
  • Relating planning tools and techniques to different stages of the project cycle.

Module content:

Project cycle as system, learning and administrative tool; strategically managing stakeholders in the project cycle; problem tree; objectives hierarchy: inputs, outputs, outcomes, impact; scoping and clustering; the logical framework; results indicators; project appraisal;

Module process:

Didactic-power point; Experiential-facilitated interactive; Electronic-module-toolkit;

Duration & pricing:

  • Net-Duration: 3.5 to 6 hours
    • Group bookings are available for this training module.

To review scheduled booking option please refer to: 2019 Legal CPD programme

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