Personal Injuries (Damages) – An update December 2016

This short module, introduces you to the latest case law in the area of personal injuries, from the High and Supreme Courts. The course deals with issues pertaining to the Statute of Limitations, problems with PIAB authorisations, liability, the consequences of false or misleading evidence and problems relating to proving psychological damage. The module will cover all recent cases in this area of law.

By the end of this module you will have gained a deeper understanding of:

  • The Courts attitude to time limits and the Statute of Limitations in different types of cases
  • Potential problems relating to PIAB authorisation
  • Recent legal issues relating to liability
  • Legal problems for Plaintiffs who give false and misleading evidence
  • The duty on employers in terms of workplace accidents
  • Recent awards in road traffic cases
  • How the Courts view and value psychological injuries – problems of proof

Module content:

  • Case Law on The Statute of Limitations - Stapleton -v- St Colman's (Claremorris) Credit Union Ltd [2015] IEHC 510 , Dignam -v- Health Service Executive [2015] IEHC 295
  • PIAB - Murphy v. DePuy International Ltd [2015] IEHC 153 , Renehan v. T & S Taverns Ltd [2015] IESC 8
  • Liability
  • Psychological injuries - Watters -v- Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform [2015] IEHC 476 , Purcell -v- Long [2015] IEHC 385
  • Problems identifying Defendants - Kennedy -v- Faherty [2015] IEHC 409
  • Misleading evidence - Waliszewski v. McArthur and Company (Stell and Metal) Ltd [2015] IEHC 264 , Looby v. Fatalski [2014] IEHC 564 , Daly v. Health Service Executive [2014] IEHC 560
  • Road traffic accidents – Liability & Quantum
  • Workplace accidents - Gillane -v- Focus Irl Ltd [2015] IEHC 478 , Murphy -v- Allianz Plc [2014] IEHC 692 , Thompson v. Dublin Bus [2015] IESC 22
  • Sexual abuse cases and time limits - Keoghan v. Power [2015] IEHC 488 , Walsh -v- Byrne [2015] IEHC 414

This lecture is no longer available / Discontinued.

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