Regulatory Matters

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  • New 2019 and additional 2018 course descriptors and updates are being uploaded incrementally throughout the year. 
  • Legal course modules are designed to comply with annual CPD requirements for Solicitors (20 hours legal CPD).

The Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 - An update 2019 (Click link for more information)

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Professional Ethics & Regulation (Click link for more information)   

This lecture will assess how solicitors might improve their own practices, taking the dicta set out in the case law into account.

The Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 - Disciplinary Procedures / 2017 (Click link for more information)

The Legal Services Regulation Act 2015 establishes the new independent Legal Services Regulatory Authority to regulate all legal practitioners, along with the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal to hear disciplinary cases against barristers and solicitors. The Act makes radical changes to the manner in which legal professionals are regulated.

The Criminal Justice (Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing) Act 2018 (Click link for more information)

On the 14th of November 2018, legislation was enacted to transpose the Fourth Anti Money Laundering Directive (MLD4) into Irish law. This one hour lecture deals with the reforms which the Act introduces.

Solicitors Accounting Regulations - What every Solicitor should know. (Click link for more information)

This one- hour lecture focuses on some of the main recurring breaches under The Solicitors Accounting Regulations and deals with some of the more recent case law on this topic.

Anti-Money Laundering & Accounting I – Are you compliant? (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture give an overview of the Irish law on AML and  sets out the provisions of the EU AML Directives.

Anti-Money Laundering II – The Irish Context (Click link for more information)

The Department of Justice’s annual report on money laundering and terrorist financing, reveals almost 14,900 alerts were raised by banks in 2016. The lecture will assess which businesses are ‘high risk’ and analyse how businesses should change their practices in order to comply with the AML law. 

Anti-Money Laundering – Compliance and Risk Assessment / 2017 (Click link for more information)

The Fourth EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive (EU 2015/849) (AMLD4),  came  into force in June 2015, and  will replace the Third Anti-Money Laundering Directive (2005/60/EC) . This must be transposed by member states by 26 June 2017.  

Anti-Money Laundering –A Case Law update / 2017 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture analyses the latest cases in this area of law and highlights the pitfalls to avoid when carrying out due diligence and AML compliance.

Regulatory Matters / 2016-17 (Click link for more information)

This lecture series covers the latest legislation and regulations governing Solicitors in Ireland. Solicitors must undertake two CPD hours in relation to regulatory matters. Furthermore, sole practitioners and compliance partners must undertake a minimum of three hours CPD in relation to regulatory matters, of which at least two hours shall be accounting and anti-money laundering compliance. This lecture covers all relevant CPD, regulatory requirements both for sole practitioners/ compliance partners and/or Solicitors who must undertake the minimum two hour requirement. 

Solicitors Regulation / 2015  (Click link for more information) 

This short module, introduces you to the recent Solicitor cases which have appeared in The Solicitor’s List and The High Court. It analyses up-to-date case law involving Solicitors and The Law Society ,alleged conflicts of interest, disgruntled clients and professional negligence cases. The module highlights how to avoid potential litigation and how to ensure compliance with Solicitor’s Regulations.