2015 Solicitors Regulation – A Case Law update

This short module, introduces you to the recent Solicitor cases which have appeared in The Solicitor’s List and The High Court. It analyses up-to-date case law involving Solicitors and The Law Society, alleged conflicts of interest, disgruntled clients and professional negligence cases. The module highlights how to avoid potential litigation and how to ensure compliance with Solicitor’s Regulations.

By the end of this module you will have gained a deeper understanding of:

  • The latest types of Solicitor’s cases which have been brought before the High Court
  • The consequences of failing to keep proper books of accounts
  • The situations whereby a Solicitor might find themselves in The Solicitor’s List
  • How to avoid conflicts of interests
  • The importance of communicating effectively with clients
  • What amounts to professional negligence

 Module content:

The lecture will provide an analysis on the following recent High Court cases:

  • Boulting -v- Condon [2015] IEHC 503– Failure to pay a sum of money in a probate case
  • Sheehan -v- Law Society of Ireland [2015] IEHC 402– Failure to keep proper accounts
  • Sandys v. Law Society of Ireland [2015] – Issue regarding failure to send an estimate of costs letter
  • M -v- G.I.M. [2014] IEHC 687 - Issue regarding conflict of interest
  • Re: Fitzpatrick: Malone applicant [2015] IEHC 231 –Issue regarding reply to emails
  • Maverley v. Clarke [2015] IEHC 232 -Issue regarding the removal of certain evidence from booklet of pleadings
  • Vesey -v- Kent Carty Solicitors & Anor [2015] IEHC 221– Dismissal of professional negligence claim
  • Walter -v- Crossan [2014] IEHC 377 – Whether P.I are recoverable in a negligence action?

Net-Duration: 1 hour

  • This lecture is no longer available / Discontinued 2016.

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