Managing Unconscious Bias in Legal Practice

Have you ever received an email from a client and made a judgment on them based on their name? Have you hired someone because they went to the same university as you? Have you worked harder on a case because the client reminded you of a close family relative or have you been rude to a colleague because he/ she looks like your dentist? If so, this one-hour lecture gives an overview on why and how unconscious bias occurs and how an awareness of same can improve decision-making and relationships with clients, colleagues and the Court.

The lecture covers a number of topics, including:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • CV blind policy
  • How bias affects decision making?
  • System 1 and system 2 thinking
  • How to make difficult decisions easier?
  • WYSIATI – What you see is all there is
  • Different types of bias
  • Unconscious bias in the judiciary

Teaching method:  

e-Lecture, PowerPoint;

Duration & pricing:

  • Net-Duration: 1 hour

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