Employment Law

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The Employment Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2018 (Click link for more information)

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Employment Law - An update December 2018 (Click link for more information)

Bullying and harassment cases have seen a sharp incline in recant years with the advent of the #metoo movement and a growing awareness about the adverse effects of workplace bullying on employee’s mental health. This one-hour lecture sets out how such claims can be brought, the time limits and the potential damages which a successful claimant might expect to receive. The lecture also touches upon rights and responsibilities surrounding protected disclosures along with the recent law on workplace suspensions.

The Protected Disclosures Act 2014 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture deals with the latest developments in relation to protected disclosures. 

Paternity Leave & Benefit Act 2016 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture deals with the changes brought about by the recent paternity leave act. 

The Workplace Relations Act 2015 (Click link for more information)

The Workplace Relations Act 2015 was enacted in May 2015 and commenced in October 2015. It makes significant changes to the law in relation to employment disputes and it provides for the abolishment of The Employment Appeals Tribunal and The Rights Commissioner, among other bodies, in order to create a more streamlined procedure for employment disputes in Ireland. The Act provides for the creation of The Workplace Relations Commission and make alterations to present time limits for instituting challenges.