Chancery Law

Please note: Additional 2017/18 course descriptors and updates are being uploaded incrementally as they become available.  

Insolvency Law - An update December 2017  (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture covers the latest developments in insolvency and deals with up to date cases such as Killally v Official Assignee [2014] 4 IR 365, Re Gaynor (A Bankrupt) [2017] IEHC 27 and Re McFeely (A Bankrupt) [2016] IEHC 299. 

Probate Law - An update December 2017 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture deals with a myriad of topics pertaining to probate law issues, which came before the Courts in recent times. The lecture covers issues such as homemade wills, problems relating to residue clauses and he role of the personal representative.

Probate Law and The Modern Family – An update December 2016 (Click link for more information)

This module deals with spouses and civil partners, section 117 claims and claims by cohabitants for proper provision.

Introduction to the Legal Aspects of the Banking Relationship  (Click link for more information)

This short-module provides lawyers with an overview of the various different aspects of lending money from the establishment of relationships of lending and security to the non-contractual liabilities of bankers. It is particularly relevant to trainee or newly qualified banking solicitors or litigators/barristers working in the debt collection area and seeking a greater understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the relationships between banks and their customers.