Introduction to the Legal Aspects of the Banking Relationship

This short-module provides lawyers with an overview of the various different aspects of lending money from the establishment of relationships of lending and security to the non-contractual liabilities of bankers.

It is particularly relevant to trainee or newly qualified banking solicitors or litigators/barristers working in the debt collection area and seeking a greater understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the relationships between banks and their customers.

By the end of this module participants will have gained a deeper understanding of:

  • The key legal incidents to the banking relationship
  • The basis of the banking relationship from the depositor to the lender and all of the issues that arise in between;
  • The connections between the initial construction of the banking relationship and its resolution when it goes wrong;
  • The links between the contractual and non-contractual aspects of the banking relationship and how they interact together.

Unit structure: 

  1. Loan agreements: Key commercial objectives and the important terms underlying the borrower-lender relationship;
  2. Security: Commercial rationale behind security, different types of security, asset specific considerations in security type, legal aspects of different security arrangements;
  3. Company law and other formalities relating to lending and security;
  4. Enforcement of lending and security documents, including equitable intervention;
  5. Understanding the legal nature of bank deposits and deposit guarantees; and
  6. Liability of Bankers in tort.

Teaching method:

Lecture, PowerPoint;

Duration & pricing:

  • Net-Duration: 1 hour
    • Group bookings are available for this module

To review scheduled booking options, please refer to: 2019 LEGAL CPD programme

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