Family Law


In 2024 CPD-Philanthropy provides a choice of 92 in person attendance / 'up-to-date' on demand online 1 hour & 1/2 hour course modules, within the area of Legal Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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  • Additional 2023 - 2024 module descriptors and updates are being uploaded on an ongoing basis. 
  • Legal course modules are designed to comply with the annual CPD requirement for Solicitors (25 hours Legal CPD). 
  • This directory of course modules provides an overview of current & discontinued lectures which CPD-Philanthropy has provided since 2015.

Co-Habitation or Partition Proceedings? – A Case Law analysis  (Click link for more information)

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Latest Developments in Family Law (II) An update December 2023 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture gives an overview of some of the latest Jurisprudence from the Superior Courts on issues such as adoption, child abduction, divorce and costs.

Family Law Latest Developments (I) An update December 2022 (Click link for more information)

This one-hour lecture deals with recent case law developments in the High Court regarding various aspects pertaining to Divorce and Co-Habitation cases.

Family Law – Mediation and Collaborative Law (Click link for more information) 

As Mediation is now widely used in Family Law  by  private practitioners,  the Legal Aid Board Family Mediation Service and by Community Mediation Service, this one-hour lecture aims to cover how and when Mediation can be used effectively in order to progress cases in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner.  The lecture covers how Mediation can be successfully used in the following types of cases: Custody, Access, Guardianship, Maintenance,  Judicial Separation, Divorce and Succession.

Latest Family Law Developments - An update December 2020 (Click link for more information) 

This one hour lecture deals with recent cases of the superior Court in the area of Family Law. The Supreme Court, and High Court have handed down a number of significant judgments in the past year in relation to areas of law such a nullity, domestic violence, barring orders and costs.

Divorce Reform & Recent Family Law Developments An update December 2019 (Click link for more information) 

With the Thirty-eight Amendment of the Constitution (Dissolution of Marriage Act), 2019 and the introduction of The Family Law Act, 2019, changes have been brought about in relation to the law on divorce in Ireland. This one hour lecture discussed those changes along with an analysis of some of the recent case law.

Assisted Human Reproduction and The Children & Family Act 2015 - An update December 2018 (Click link for more information) 

With advances in medical science and the establishment of fertility clinics providing services including IVF, donor assisted human reproduction and advice on surrogacy, it is imperative for legal practitioners to be aware of the legal consequences and issues which can arise in relation to assisted human reproduction. This one hour lecture gives an outline of the law in Ireland at present and deals with various cases which have engaged with this topic. The lecture also refers to proposed changes in the law going forward.

Family Law - An update December 2017 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture covers the latest developments in Family Law, including the new Circuit Court Rules and the proposed changes to be introduced in relation to Domestic Violence Law.

The Children & Family Relationship Act 2015 – An update December 2016 (Click link for more information) 

The Children and Family Relationships Act 2015 makes significant changes to the law in relation to guardianship, custody and access, along with new provisions dealing with Assisted Human Reproduction. This lecture aims to give attendees a good working knowledge of the recent changes in order to advise clients in Family Law cases. 

Assisted Human Reproduction - An update (Click link for more information)

This short module, introduces you to the legal issues surrounding the complex area of assisted human reproduction and the recent changes in this area of law, brought about  The Children & Family Relationships Act 2015. The module deals with the seminal cases on surrogacy and the legal problems arising from In vitro Fertilisation. Irish and international law will be dealt with in the module. 

Child Law An update (Click link for more information)

This short module, introduces you to the legal issues surrounding the rights of the child and the responsibilities of parents. The module covers recent changes brought about by The Children & Family Relationship Act 2015 along with recent case law dealing with guardianship, custody, access, child abduction and supervision and care orders. LOGO 11