Child Law – An update

This short module, introduces you to the legal issues surrounding the rights of the child and the responsibilities of parents. The module covers recent changes brought about by The Children & Family Relationship Act 2015 along with recent case law dealing with guardianship, custody, access, child abduction and supervision and care orders.

By the end of this module you will have gained a deeper understanding of:

  • How The Children and Family Relationships Act changes the law relating to adoption , guardianship, custody and access
  • New rules relating to temporary guardians and unmarried fathers
  • New rules regarding enforcement of Orders
  • How the Best Interests of the Child is to be decided
  • The Court’s attitude in relation to the Best Interests Principle
  • Children’s rights and parental responsibilities in Child Abduction cases
  • Parental rights and responsibilities in Care/ Supervision proceedings

Module content:

  • The Children’s Referendum and The Best Interests Principle
  • The effect of The Children & Family Relationships Act 2015 on custody, access and guardianship
  • Latest case law on custody, access and guardianship – R v B [2013] IEHC 647. E v E [2013] IEHC 379
  • Latest case law on child abduction – G v R [2012] IEHC 16, AU v TNU [2011] IESC 39
  • Latest case law on the intervention of the State and Care and Supervision Orders – [2013] IEHC 533

Teaching method:

Lecture, PowerPoint;

Duration & pricing:

  • Net-Duration: 1 hour
    • Group bookings are available for this module

To review scheduled booking options, please refer to: 2019 LEGAL CPD programme

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