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In 2023 CPD-Philanthropy provides a choice of 88 in person attendance / 'up-to-date' on demand online 1 hour course modules, within the area of Legal Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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Course module descriptors state aims/learning outcomes, content, net duration and availability.

Please note:

  • Additional 2022 - 2023 course descriptors and 2023 updates are being uploaded on an ongoing basis. 
  • Legal course modules are designed to comply with the annual CPD requirement for Solicitors (25 hours Legal CPD).
  • This directory of course modules provides an overview of current & discontinued lectures which CPD-Philanthropy has provided since 2015.

Multi Unit Developments Problems & Solutions An update December 2022 (Click link for more information)

This one hours lecture covers some of the common and recurring problems which arise when dealing with management companies and aim to assist in providing solutions for same.

An update on Multi Unit Developments & OMCs (Click link for more information)

The MUDs Act 2011 introduced new rules and procedures for management companies of multi-unit developments. Since the commencement of the Act, numerous issues have arisen in relation to the failure of developers to transfer common areas and in relation to problems with the Owners Management Company falling off the register, inter alia.

Property Law Legislation and Case Law An update December 2022 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture gives a whistle-stop tour through the various developments in residential and commercial property in the recent times.

Residential Landlord and Tenant Law – An update December 2021 (Click link for more information)

Since the onset of Covid 19, there have been many changes in residential landlord & Tenant Law.  There are now more paper based adjudications and Virtual hearings as well as Telephone mediation. Furthermore, there are five different pieces of legislations since the onset of Covid 19. This one-hour lecture guides practitioners through the recent changes in this respect.

Commercial Tenancies – An update 2021 (Click link for more information)

This one- hour lecture guides practitioners through the COVID- 19 Code of Conduct for Commercial Landlords, which was introduced during the pandemic. The code focuses on practical and pragmatic solutions which can be employed by Landlords to deal with Tenants who are in arrears. The lecture also analyses some of the latest case of the Superior Courts in this area of law.

Case Law Developments in Undertakings - An update 2020 (Click link for more information)

The law on Solicitors undertakings has evolved steadily over the past 15 years, with a growing body of case law and Regulations setting out the general principles in relation to the duties and responsibilities of Solicitors in relation to the giving of undertakings. This one hour lecture covers the main general principles governing the law in this area and analyses some of the more recent superior court cases on undertakings.

Property Law – An update December 2020 (Click link for more information)

This lecture covers some of the recent developments in the Superior Courts in the area of Property Law.  Recent judgments have dealt with issues such as judgment mortgage and joint tenants, specific performance and  the consent of a landlord in relation in changes on a commercial property. 

Residential Tenancies Board Cases - An update December 2020 (Click link for more information)

With the introduction of The Residential Tenancies Act 2019 along with further new legislation due to the onset of Covid-19,  a number changes have arisen in relation to Tenant’s rights and Landlord’s  obligations. Notice period have changed and the RTB has new powers of sanctions and investigations. There are also new protections for Tenants who have fallen into rent arrears due to the pandemic or who cannot be evicted due to the public health restrictions. This one hour lecture gives an overview of all of the most recent changes.

Conditions of Sale 2019 & The Residential Tenancies Act 2019 (Click link for more information)

2019 brought about many new changes in the area of residential tenancies and conveyancing practice, which all property lawyers should familiarise themselves with.

The Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2015 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture deals with residential tenancies and the Planning and Development (Housing) and Residential Tenancies Act 2016.

Conveyancing - Subject to Contract & Completion Notices - An update December 2018 (Click link for more information)

Lawyers often encounter difficulties with the age-old phrase ‘subject to contract’. With a large amount of legal work being carried out online at present, the problem has been magnified.  This one- hour lecture deal with the potential pitfalls of using this phrase and/ or of failing to use it. It also offers practical guidance in relation to how the phrase can be used effectively. The lecture also analyses recent Judgments of the Superior Court on the issue of Completion Notices.

Conveyancing – Conditions of Sale 2017  (Click link for more information)

The new conditions of sale 2017, bring about a number of changes in relation to enquiries and requisitions, planning and special conditions. This lectures covers some of the legal problems which arise in  conveyancing, such as the principle of caveat emptor, subject to contract and particulars and tenure. 

Building & Construction Law - An update December 2018 (Click link for more information)

The Supreme Court case of Brandley v Deane [2017] IEHC 83, handed down in November 2017 clarified the law in relation to limitation periods for building defect claims. This one hour lecture analyses the Judgment along with dealing with defects periods in standard form clause.  The lecture also engages with topical issues such as costs and dispute resolution clauses.

Commercial TenanciesAn update June 2021 (Click link for more information)

Module descriptor will be published shortly. To book this lecture/e-lecture please follow the link provided.

Commercial Tenancies - An update December 2018  (Click link for more information)

As most commercial tenancies engage lengthy time periods, problems often arise in relation to issues which occur during the tenancy itself or when one of the parties tries to end the tenancy before the agreed time. Landlords also encounter problems with dilapidations and rent reviews. This one house lecture covers a number of current topics and analyses some of the recent case law in the areas.

An update on Undertakings / 2017 (Click link for more information)

This one hour lecture deals with the latest case law from the Superior Courts on undertakings and will highlight the potential pitfalls to avoid.

Property Law An update 2016 (Click link for more information)

This module deals with the latest cases relating to adverse possession, repossession, partition and the circuit court jurisdiction. LOGO 11