What is the connection to philanthropy?

CPD-Philanthropy stands for 'giving through learning'. We heavily discount our educational consultancy fees on the premise that professionals, in conjunction with their companies, contribute to charities of their choice.

Who benefits?

  1. Charitable causes.
  2. 95 % of CPD-Philanthropy participants (2015) surveyed rated the impact that CPD-Philanthropy has on their personal attitude to attending CPD and well-being, positively. 
  3. 90 % of CPD-Philanthropy participants (2015) surveyed rated the effectiveness of the contribution that CPD-Philanthropy makes to their organisation's Social Responsibility, positively. 
  4. SMEs CSR.

How can CPD-Philanthropy assist?

CPD-Philanthropy as a mechanism creates a positive correlation in two ways. Firstly, by providing Continuing Professional Development CPD and secondly, by supporting our attendees and their Firms' Social Responsibility. Philanthropic-giving and professional-development are in-situ

We encourage this by offering excellence in Continuing Professional Development  CPD, Training and Consultancy at philanthropist discount rates while recommending that participants donate the discount directly to their charity of choice.  

The CPD-Philanthropy model was developed in 2014 by Armin Krautgasser as part of an MBA initiative with  the Open University Business School.

Are there additional Tax incentives?

Under Section 848A of the Consolidation Act 1997, The Irish Revenue provides Tax Reliefs either to the registered charity receiving a donation that exceeds € 250.00 grossed up at 31% or relief to the company at corporation tax rate 12.5%.

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Thank you


“We will contribute to a charity following on this lecture.” MR THOMAS G. HARDY (2017) HAMILL WALLACE & HARDY SOLICITORS

“It was also nice to be able to choose which charity the donation was made to.” MS FIONA REYNOLDS (2017) MALCOLM LAW

It is a bonus to think that apart from the excellent nature of the e-Lecture, which benefits me professionally and in business, that I can also benefit charity.” MS FIONA MULHERN (2017) MULHERN & Co. SOLICITORS

 “The philanthropic element helps to make it a satisfying experience.” MR RONAN P. O’BRIEN (2017) TP ROBINSON SOLICITORS

 “CPD-Philanthropy is an excellent, effective way for solicitors to fulfil their annual CPD requirement, whilst also satisfying our social responsibility duties. MS MARILYN MCNICHOLAS (2017) MARILYN MCNICHOLAS & Co. SOLICITORS 

"The concept is excellent and highly commendable."  MR PATRICK BUCKLEY (2017) PATRICK BUCKLEY & Co. SOLICITORS

“CPD courses can sometimes feel like a box ticking exercise, the addition of a charitable donation gives an extra dimension of having done something worthwhile outside of the immediate professional obligation context.” MS ANTONIA MELVIN (2017) O’CONNOR SOLICITORS

 “This is a very worthy initiative, which I was unaware of until this year. I congratulate all involved.” MR EDWARD J. O’BRIEN (2017) EDWARD O’BRIEN SOLICITORS

“Thank you for providing this opportunity.” MS MARY M. HAYES (2017) COMYN KELLEHER TOBIN SOLICITORS

 “I am a sole practitioner, so it’s a convenient & socially responsible way of getting CPD done.” MR OISÍN O’NEILL (2017) O’NEILL MEDIA LAW

"CPD Philanthropy are an organisation who specialise in providing continuous professional development for legal practitioners in return for which the practitioners make donations to their local charities." UNIVERSITY of LIMERICK (2016) School of Law. Available at: (accessed 26 February 2017)

"Next year I keep this in mind and will avail of it again. The convenience and charitable element make it a very attractive option." MS AISLING MALONE (2016) HAYES SOLICITORS

"First time attendee - I like the opportunity to gain CPD points whilst contributing to worthwhile causes." MS WENDY DOYLE (2016) WENDY DOYLE SOLICITORS


"Any opportunity to combine social responsibility is welcome and to be encouraged." MS MARY HAYES (2016) FENCHA PROPERTY SERVICES COMPANY

"Nice opportunity to help charitable organisations while also gaining CPD points." MR NIALL MORAN (2016) NIALL J MORAN SOLICITORS

"Delighted to have the opportunity of CPD with charitable contribution." MS SHEILA DILLON (2016) HAUGHTON MCCARROLL SOLICITORS

"A novel idea and very welcomed by this office." MS AISLING JORDAN (2016) JORDAN LAW SOLICITORS

"It's nice to couple the chore of CPDs with a charitable purpose." MR JOHN TARPEY (2016) ROUNDTREE TARPEY SOLICITORS

"It is a great idea to combine CPD with charitable objectives." MS ROISIN GALLOGLY (2016) O'HANRAHAN QUANEY SOLICITORS

"This is an opportunity to contribute while gaining valuable CPDs in return." MR ORODE MOSES OYIKI (2016) AARON SOLICITORS

"As I have said already I think this is a fantastic idea and makes CPD more palatable." MS EIBHLIN O'SULLIVAN (2016) EOS SOLICITORS

"Many thanks to those who reduced own fees to allow charitable donations." MS LIOSA O'SULLIVAN (2016) CAREY TOOLS LTD

"Combining teaching, self-development and philanthropy via the vehicle of continuous professional development not only creates a mutually beneficial outcome for professionals, educators and charities alike, but also creates a positive environment of giving through learning." MS MAJELLA TWOMEY BL (2015)

"This initiative is a really novel idea where two areas have been prioritised; high-class training from top experts, but also a social dividend in the form of a charitable contribution. The approach of combining innovative, cutting-edge professional development with a philanthropic philosophy offers a fresh and unrivalled learning experience. Coupled with the benefit of knowing you have made a meaningful contribution to your chosen charity, this is a ground-breaking model of continuing education." DR TADHG O’ MAHONY (2015)

“I am delighted to be part of this initiative because of its ability to combine CPD and philanthropy to the mutual benefit of the participants and the good causes it supports.” MR JACK TCHRAKIAN, BL (2015)

Nominated charities

Between 2015 and 2017, participating professionals in conjunction with their firms/companies pledged to support 98 different charitable organisations and causes.

Many of these charities have been named multiple times​, ​on an annual basis​, by the same and/or different professionals/firms​. The indicat​ive ​% numbers derive from the number of times a particular charity was chosen in 2015, 2016 & 2017 and the number of professional​s​/firms ​pledging support for​ a given charity over this period of time.

Donations are voluntary, separate and distinct from CPD-Philanthropy and based on good faith. The amount donated depends on: 1) the number of CPD hours determines the discount given by CPD-Philanthropy 2) the amount that is 'actually donated' as opposed to 'recommended' by CPD-Philanthropy.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that overwhelmingly donations exceed the CPD-Philanthropy discount or match the CPD-Philanthropy recommendation.* 


> 14 %

  • SVP - Society of St Vincent de Paul

> 8 %

  • Peter McVerry Trust
  • Simon Communities of Ireland

> 5 %

  • FOCUS Ireland
  • Irish Cancer Society

> 4 % 

  • L'Arche Ireland

> 3 %

  • Marymount University Hospital & Hospice
  • Cork Penny Dinners
  • Barnardos

> 2 %

  • CONCERN worldwide
  • CMRF – Crumlin
  • MSIreland
  • Pieta House
  • The Irish Hospice Foundation

> 1.5 %

  • Irish Guide Dogs for the blind
  • Milford Care Centre
  • Wicklow Hospice Foundation
  • Capuchin Day Centre
  • DogsTrust
  • Temple Street Children’s University Hospital FOUNDATION
  • IMNDA - Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association
  • ARC Cancer Support
  • Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation
  • Irish Kidney Association

> 1 %

  • GOAL global
  • THE down syndrome CENTRE
  • DSPCA: The Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • CF Ireland
  • Mustard Seed Communities
  • THE JACK & JILL Children’s Foundation
  • Our Lady's Hospice & Care Services Harold's Cross
  • Irish Heart Foundation
  • RNLI – Lifeboats
  • DEBRA Ireland
  • St. Patrick's Missionary Society
  • St Francis Hospice Dublin
  • MQI Merchants Quay Ireland
  • North West Hospice
  • Saint John of God Foundation
  • CROÍ, The West of Ireland Cardiac Foundation
  • Sightsavers

> 0.5%

  • Autism Ireland
  • ISPCC Childline Service
  • enable Ireland
  • flac
  • Cope Foundation
  • Womens Aid Dundalk
  • Solicitors’ Benevolent Association
  • IrishRedCross
  • Habitat for Humanity Ireland
  • Bóthar
  • Shine
  • Age Action Ireland
  • OXFAM Ireland
  • St Gabriel's School & Centre
  • Juniper Tree Autism Services
  • The Village Counselling Service
  • St Agnes Day Centre Comfort Fund
  • IHWT Irish Horse Welfare Trust
  • Saplings - Educating for life
  • epilepsy Ireland
  • Phibsboro Cat Rescue
  • Droihead Arts Centre
  • Threshold National Housing Charity
  • Down Syndrome Ireland
  • Curlew Trust
  • W.H. (Wicklow Homeless) Five Loaves
  • The Rotunda Foundation
  • Don Bosco Care
  • ECKANKAR in Ireland
  • Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust
  • suas
  • Cliona's FOUNDATION
  • St Hilda's Services
  • St. Vincent's Hospital Athy
  • Marie Keating Foundation
  • White Ribbon Ireland
  • St Martin's Apostolate
  • MayoRoscommon Hospice Foundation
  • The Mater Foundation
  • The Friends of St Luke's Cancer Care

*We recognice that donations may be higher or lower than the CPD-Philanthropy discount. The % values provided are not intended to be indicative of monetary values.  For practical reasons we accept the possibility that a minority may not donate.

CPD-Philanthropy LIMITED does not administer donations.