“Quality of lectures have exceeded all my expectations. They were truly excellent.” MS NIAMH QUIRKE (2020) QUIRKE SOLICITORS

“CPD-Philanthropy provides such a wide range of topics for discussion – brilliant.” MS SANDRA MURPHY (2020) JOHN M. FOLEY & CO. SOLICITORS

“Great package as always and all for a good cause.” MR ÁNGEL BELLO-CORTÉS (2020) FRAGOMEN IRELAND LIMITED

“Extremely well organised and very high-quality lectures with money going to a good cause. Superb service.” MS KELLY BREEN (2020) TRACY HORAN SOLICITORS

“Lectures are of exceptional quality.” MR PATRICK BUCKLEY (2020) PATRICK BUCKLEY & CO. LLP SOLICITORS

“Excellent quality service and CPD as in previous years – focuses attention on giving to charity for a good cause.” MR SEAN O'TOGHDA (2020) SEAN O'TOGHDA SOLICITORS

“Quality of presentations seems to be even improving further.” MR JOHN GLYNN (2020) QUIDEL IRELAND LIMITED


“I love the charitable element. Huge range of CPDs available – excellent overall.” MS ELLEN TWOMEY (2020) FRANCES TWOMEY & COMPANY SOLICITORS

“Excellent. Great presentation & useful information.” MR MORTIMER KELLEHER (2020) FOLEY TURNBULL SOLICITORS

“I found the lecturers very competent and the information directly on point.” MR CHRISTOPHER BOUDREN (2020) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS

“The standard of CPD lectures is excellent. This is an excellent initiative.” MR PHILIP VINT (2020) PHILIP VINT & CO. SOLICITORS

“Philanthropic ideal is commendable.” MR JOHN WALSH (2020) JF WALSH SOLICITORS

“Overall the quality of lectures is very good.” MR BARRY LEYDEN (2020) ICON CLINICAL RESEARCH LIMITED

“Thank you. The choice of e-Lectures and content are excellent.” MS CAITRIONE DEVINE (2020) CHRISTIE & CO. SOLICITORS

“Excellent programme. Many thanks. Standard of lectures very high.” MR JOHN TARPERY (2020) ROUNDTREE TARPEY SOLICITORS

Courses are very informative & easy to access. Quality of speakers and topics are excellent. The ease of access to the courses makes them much less daunting to undertake. Doing the CPD has made me consider the social responsibility of our firm and make plans to improve on it.” MR KEVIN O’GORMAN (2020) KEVIN O’GORMAN SOLICITORS

“Most accurate, user friendly & helpful programme. Covering all matters. Encourages learning & keeping abreast with the law.” MS ANNA BRIDGEMAN (2020) CONNOLLY FINAN FLEMING SOLICITORS

 “Very convenient and very professional presentation. Appreciate the written slides/notes.” MR JOHN FLAVIN (2020) BEST & CO. SOLICITORS

 “I found all courses very relevant and well presented.” MS OLIVIA MOYLAN (2020) A. GERARD MOYLAN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Quality and relevance were the key motivation, as was the fact that the choice of electives was very wide-ranging and generous. Excellent in content.” MS ORLA CULLINAN (2020) O.M. CULLINAN AND COMPANY SOLICITORS

“I have been attending CPD-Philanthropy for a few years now. It is an excellent, well organised service. It is very convenient for a busy practitioner. The content and variety of content is of a very high quality.” MR PAUL KAVANAGH (2020) SHIELDS & KAVANAGH SOLICITORS

“Found it very helpful. Thank you.” MS REGINA FORREST (2020) HEALY CROWLEY & CO. SOLICITORS

“Very convenient and professional and the notes are very good.” MS CARMEL BEST (2020) BEST & CO. SOLICITORS

“Very well put together and very easily accessible.” MS MARTINA RYAN (2020) MARTINA RYAN & COMPANY SOLICITORS

“The range of topics across various CPD type – General, Regulatory, Management & Professional development means I can satisfy my entire CPD requirements via CPD-Philanthropy with the further benefit of knowing that there is a charitable element to the delivery of the various programmes. I will certainly reengage & recommend CPD-Philanthropy to colleagues.” MR JOHN McSHANE (2020) McSHANE & CO. SOLICITORS

 “Very informative presentations and some very relevant topics for my work.” MS KERRIE O'CONNOR (2020) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS

“Lectures were well presented by knowledgeable practitioners”. MR DENIS BUTLER (2020) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS

“Diverse topics covered. Convenience of course – appealing.” MS SIOBHÁN O'SHAUGNESSY (2020) MYLES STAUNTON & CO. SOLICITORS

“We believe that this is our third year with CPD-Philanthropy and we have always been happy with the service and see no reason to change next year.” MR NIALL COLGAN (2020) NIALL COLGAN & COMPANY SOLICITORS

“Very convenient for a busy sole practitioner.” MR BRENDAN IRVIN (2020) BRENDAN IRWIN & CO. SOLICITORS

“A very convenient forum enabling compliance with CPD requirements. These CPDs help heighten social responsibility particularly when working remotely, as it is too easy to become removed from those less fortunate.” MR RORY COLLINS (2020) MARGETSON & GREENE SOLICITORS

“Convenient and quality content.” MR TOMMY WALSH (2020) SOLICITOR

“Very impressed with these courses, will definitely do them again next year.” MS MEGAN TIERNAN (2020) P. TIERNAN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Excellent presentation & very convenient. Fantastic product. The way forward for CPD.” MR IAN BRACKEN (2020) PADRAIG J. HYLAND & CO. SOLICITORS

“Excellent, informative, varied; Great professional user-friendly service.” MR PAUL KAVANAGH (2020) SHIELDS & KAVANAGH SOLICITORS

“Wonderful idea to have charitable contribution. Well done to all. Armin extremely helpful & so efficient.” EDEL MORRISSEY (2020) DOBBYN & McCOY SOLICITORS

“The charitable element is important to me. The lectures are also generally very good.” MS GERALDINE COFFEY (2020) MACKEY O'SULLIVAN BINCHY SOLICITORS

“Had a good experience in Galway last year. Very informative.” MR FRANK FOX (2020) BRENDAN BURKE SOLICITORS

“Donation made to St Vincent de Paul.”  MS LESLEY O’NEILL (2020) BLAKE & KENNY LLP SOLICITORS

“It is wonderful to be able to give to Charity as a part of the process of completing our CPD hours. Social responsibility is becoming more important this year due to the pandemic.” MS MARY BUCKLEY (2020) PATRICK BUCKLEY & CO. LLP SOLICITORS

“Every reminder for doing something is a good one.” MR PATRICK McMAHON (2020) MCMAHON & CO. SOLICITORS

“The quality & variety of lectures are excellent, practical & relevant.” MR WARREN BOLGER (2020) THORPE & TAAFFE SOLICITORS

Very good content – charitable element a very good factor.” MR JACK DUNCAN (2020) JACK DUNCAN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Peter McVerry Trust is our beneficiary & it is very important to be able to cover both bases but I am mindful also of the need for yourselves to cover your own costs adequately & it is important that practitioners don’t lose sight of the fact.” MR JAMES MACKEY (2020) MACKEY O'SULLIVAN BINCHY SOLICITORS

“I found the webinars very interesting and engaging.” MS HELEN QUIGLEY (2020) STEPHEN MACKENZIE & CO. SOLICITORS

“The lectures are excellent & very useful to be able to choose topics I am interested in.” MS ALISON DEY (2020) BERWICK SOLICITORS

“Excellent videos as ever.” MR SÉAN COLEMAN (2020) M. ROCHE & CO. SOLICITORS

“Really impressed by the organisation of courses. Armin could not have been more helpful. Also content of courses was excellent. Good to combine something compulsory to doing some good.” MS MARY CRONIN (2020) JAMES LUCEY & SONS LLP SOLICITORS

“I find these CPDs a great way to contribute to a good cause. Speed of response from organiser is also very helpful.” MS MARIE HYNES (2020) AUGUSTUS CULLEN LAW LLP SOLICITORS

“I found the overall quality of the seminars to be excellent with the provisions of the updates on law & case law much appreciated.” MR STEPHEN BRENNAN (2020) BRENNAN & CO. LLP SOLICITORS

“Was delighted with the wide range of choice to choose from.” MS CAITRIONA CARMODY (2020) CARMODY & COMPANY SOLICITORS

“Excellent presentations & Armin always on hand to assist in a very courteous way.” MR BRIAN GALVIN (2020) BRIAN GALVIN SOLICITORS

“Really enjoyed the quality & content which must have been difficult in the current year. Well presented & very enjoyable.” MR RONAN KILLEEN (2020) KILLEEN SOLICITORS

“Excellent content as always.” MS SHEILA DILLON (2020) HAUGHTON McCARROLL SOLICITORS

“Pleasure to deal with Lecturers & Co-ordinator - helpful, empathetic approach and very strong content. Quality of lectures very good, timing of presentation excellent and the people are real human beings with good motive and approach.” MS ELIZABETH WARD (2020) ELIZABETH WARD SOLICITORS

“Overall standard is excellent.” P.J. O’LEARY (2020) P.J. O'DRISCOLL & SONS LLP Solicitors

“A colleague recommended CPD-Philanthropy and I have been hugely impressed by the quality & convenience of the programme. The charitable element is another factor which would encourage me to join again. MS TRACY PRICE (2020) WILKINSON & PRICE SOLICITORS

“Very practical lectures suit my needs.” MR WILLIAM FLEMING (2020) WILLIAM FLEMING & PARTNERS SOLICITORS

“Great quality. Excellent choice. Very easy & practical to use. I feel good that some money is going to charity. Would love to do it again next year.” MS DONNA WILSON (2020) WILSON DALY SOLICITORS

“e-Learning is good value & charitable element is a good idea. All speakers are to be commended.” MR JAMES FLYNN (2020) LKG SOLICITORS

“Good series of lectures and useful notes combined with philanthropy an excellent concept.” MR KENNETH DEALE (2020) KENNETH DEALE & CO. SOLICITORS

“Great lectures at exceedingly low price. I think the charitable element is excellent & does raise awareness of the importance of sharing.” MR PATRICK IGOE (2020) PATRICK IGOE AND COMPANY SOLICITORS

“Convenience & pleasure to deal with at all times over the years. Online facility is excellent in current COVID-19 conditions. Social responsibility is in line with firm’s benefit policy.” MR GREG NOLAN (2020) GREG NOLAN SOLICITORS

“Hopefully 2021 will be a better year, but regardless of how Law CPD participation is affected, I would definitely avail of this forum again & recommend it to colleagues both from the point of view of content & social responsibility.” MS JILLIAN O’SHEA (2020) COLM O'COCHLAIN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Very convenient and excellent value.” MS MAIREAD O'MEARA (2020) REIDY ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS

“I believe that the format is a fantastic method to stay updated with recent developments in the law, while attaining the requisite CPD points and also giving back a little to those less fortunate.” MR DAVID ALLEN (2020) O'KEEFFE & MOORE SOLICITORS

“Very effective in combining CPD and firm’s social responsibility.” MR AARON McCULLAGH (2020) AUGUSTUS CULLEN LAW SOLICITORS

“Very well laid out and convenient to me.” MR MICHAEL BRADBURY (2020) MICHAEL J. BRADBURY & CO. SOLICITORS

“I attended the seminar last year and found the content to be better than other seminars.” MS JEAN MURPHY (2020) GEOFFREY BROWNE & CO. SOLICITORS

“CPD-Philanthropy recently recommended by a colleague – found the lectures to be very good and the charitable element is a nice bonus. Will use again next year & will probably use for content well beyond CPD requirements in practical areas of interest.”  MR ST. JOHN DONOVAN (2020) SOLICITOR

“Accessibility to such a wide range of CPD options.” MS VICKI BUCKLEY (2020) SOLICITOR

“The lectures are excellent quality. The notes are clear and well presented.” MR SEAMUS O'SULLIVAN (2020) S.T. O'SULLIVAN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Overall content of each course very good and relevant.” MR GERARD BURNS (2020) BURNS NOWLAN LLP SOLICITORS

“Excellent idea for learning & giving back – especially by the contributors.” MS VAL NOONAN (2020) MAURICE F. NOONAN & SON SOLICITORS

“Very pleased with the quality of lectures. Needed to top up CPD points but found the content engrossing/stimulating at very reasonable cost and happy to benefit charity.” MR PAUL MOORE (2020) MALONE & MARTIN SOLICITORS

“As usual, I found both the diversity and quality of the topics appealing and the information was both accessible and for the most part relevant.” MS FIONA BRENNAN (2020) FIONA BRENNAN SOLCITORS

“Excellent initiative – well considered topics. Topics are relevant to every Solicitor’s practice.” MS SANDRA CONWAY (2020) FP LOGUE SOLICITORS

This is an excellent resource with very high-quality content. It is an additional bonus to assist with charity. Thank you for putting these courses in place.” MS ANNE-MARIE O’HANRAHAN (2020) RICHARD R. O'HANRAHAN SOLICITORS

“Quality of CPD is crucial and well maintained here. Very convenient and nice to think we are all also contributing to good causes.” MS SUSAN UÍ UIGINN (2020) SUSAN M. UÍ UIGINN SOLICITORS

 “Delighted to make a charitable donation while completing all CPD requirements – great CPD scheme in every sense.” MS MARILYN McNICHOLAS (2020) MARILYN McNICHOLAS & CO SOLICITORS

“Very convenient, accessible and wide range of topics.” MS LORRAINE GILLICK (2020) GILLICK & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS

“I believe it is a useful approach to integrate social responsibility with the CPD obligations.” MR PROINSIAS LYNE (2020) OFFICE OF THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS

“It is good to feel that there is another positive effect in doing CPD.” MR MICHAEL HINKSON (2020) EUGENE SMARTT SOLICITORS

“CPD-Philanthropy has the best selection of CPD courses and it is a great way to bring awareness to charities & to remind firms of corporate responsibility.” MS TRACY MULLAN (2019) MULLAN AND ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS

“Superb line up of speakers, well delivered and organised.” MR WILLIAM CAHIR (2019) CAHIR & CO. SOLICITORS

“The quality of the lectures & dealing with different information - top class. Very helpful & worthwhile project.” MR KEVIN HEGARTY (2019) HOLMES O’MALLEY SEXTON SOLICITORS

“Touching on excellent, really!” MR DARACH MCCARTHY (2019) DARACH MCCARTHY & CO. SOLICITORS

“Overall today’s content was excellent and very educational in bringing me up to date with important areas.” MR IAN SIMON (2019) BRIAN LYNCH & ASSOCIATES SOLICITORS

“CPD-Philanthropy provide an excellent service. The lectures are fantastic.” MS LAURA LEONARD (2019) TP ROBINSON SOLICITORS

“This is a great way to get the CPD points for a reasonable sum. It allows you to select lectures relevant to your area of practice.” MR JOHN O’BRIEN (2019) BARRY C. GALVIN & SON SOLICITORS

“Very good presentations. CPD courses very effective in keeping up to date with developments.” MR AARON MCCULLAGH (2019) AUGUSTUS CULLEN LAW

“Excellent service, excellent presentations, excellent content.” MR PAUL KAVANAGH (2019) SHIELDS & KAVANAGH SOLICITORS

“This is an excellent initiative which benefits charities and makes completing the CPD requirement that little bit more enjoyable knowing that the benefits that it brings. It is also great to see how many practitioners participate in it to assist with charitable goals.” MS EMER LYONS (2019) DILLON-LEETCH & COMERFORD SOLICITORS

“Very well organised. The whole concept of CPD-Philanthropy is excellent.” MR PHILIP VINT (2019) PHILIP VINT & CO. SOLICITORS

“Content of Regulatory Lectures very good and relevant.” MR TERENCE HEANEY (2019) HOLMES O’MALLEY SEXTON SOLICITORS

“The charitable element is also very important.” MR JAMES FOY (2019) SMITH FOY & PARTNERS

“Excellent and very accessible. It is a great idea.” MS SORCHA NI CHUINNEAGAIN (2019) MC CANN FITZGERALD SOLICITORS

“I found the topics available very interesting, and it is great to be able to access them online. I had not realised until recently that this was a possibility and I think it is a great idea to be able to combine CPD with charity."  MS MARIAN Ó TUAMA (2019) R. NEVILLE & CO. SOLICITORS

“Excellent content allied with good cause.” MR COLM MAC EOIN (2019) COLM MAC EOIN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Positive all round. Should be promoted further. Thank you.” MS MARY HAYES (2019) BROOKS & COMPANY SOLICITORS

“Very much agree with the aim of this programme.” MR THOMAS STAMP (2019) DEVITT DOORLEY SOLICITORS

“I look favourably on attending CPD as it combines social responsibility - wonderful idea.” MS SINEAD CURTIS (2019) KENNEDY FITZGERALD SOLICITORS

“Excellent Speakers.” MS KEIRA O’REILLY (2019) KEANS SOLICITORS.

“All of the lectures are very informative and really well presented. Our firm only considered CPD-Philanthropy for CPD due to our very favourable experience last year.” MR PATRICK HIGGINS (2019) KEANE SOLICITORS.

“Very impressive and convenient.” MR MICHAEL BRADBURY (2019) MICHAEL J. BRADBURY & CO. SOLICITORS

“The CPD are excellent. Quality of lectures very good and it is good for the legal profession taking some responsibility.” MS ELIZABETH WARD (2019) ELIZABETH WARD & CO. SOLICITORS

“I was able to watch a lecture first thing this morning from the comfort of my own home before work & continued to watch the remaining lectures with my earphones upon arrival in the office. This is really convenient in light of the fact that December as a practicing Solicitor is my busiest month & as such physically attending lectures is incredibly difficult.” MS NIAMH O’CONNOR (2019) BYRNEWALLACE

“Great course and content - great to be able to donate part of payment to charity.” MR JOHN CUDDY (2019) CUDDY & CO. SOLICITORS.

“Overall delighted I discovered CPD-Philanthropy and hope to be back in 2020.” MS ANN MANGAN (2019) HOWELL & CO. SOLICITORS

“It is nice that albeit that CPD attendance is compulsory that in fulfilling the obligation through CPD-Philanthropy we are reminded of the privileged position we are fortunate to find ourselves in.” MR CONLETH MCGUINN (2019) MCGUINN SOLICITORS

“All the lectures give the relevant up to date case law, which is crucial for me as sole practitioner who has not time to read judgments.” MR BRIAN GALVIN (2019) BRIAN GALVIN SOLICITOR

“Very good quality.” MS HELEN NOBLE (2019) NOBLE SHIPPING LAW

“All presenters were great. Keith Rooney was a terrific final act.” MS ELIZABETH MASTERSON (2019) MASTERSON SAMMON & CO. SOLICITORS.

“Majella is excellent. Thank you!” MS PEIG LYNCH (2019) VP SHIELDS SOLICITORS.

“Lectures from Sarah Fennell, John Healy & Asim Sheikh were particularly informative and well delivered.” MR JAMES MCMAHON (2019) ST. JOHN SOLICITORS.

“Enjoyed mediation lecture in particular. The obvious extra element was Majella’s excellent presentation. She makes complex matters simple & understandable.” MR P.J. O’LEARY (2019) P.J. O’DRISCOLL & SONS SOLICITORS

“I think it’s a fantastic idea & although I donate to my charity already, I will give extra this year. MR RONAN BAIRD (2019) PARTNERS AT LAW

“Excellent CPD at a very reasonable cost.” MR PATRICK HIGGINS (2019) KEANE SOLICITORS

“The lectures were an excellent means of updating and very directed to practice (and) practical issues, highlighting the simple but serious omissions that can lead to difficulty. A reminder to us all that we are fortunate and should contribute to others. Good to be able to do this through CPD.” MR WILLIAM FITZGIBBON (2019) WILLIAM FITZGIBBON & CO. SOLICITORS

“The content of the lectures is excellent.” MR DONNCHADHA MURPHY (2019) BARRY C. GALVIN & SON SOLICITORS

“Very easy to listen to & very good to learn about new matters.” MR PATRICK M. KEANE (2019) KEANE SOLICITORS

“I find this organisation very easy to deal with, very efficient and geared to Sole Practitioners, more than other firms.” MS BARBARA SHERRY (2019) SHERRY MCCAFFERY SOLICITORS

“These e-Lectures are very good will be doing more next year.” MS KAREN O’MALLEY (2019) KAREN O’MALLEY & CO. SOLICITORS

“The charitable element was one of the reasons why I chose CPD-Philanthropy. The presentation was very good.” MS MARY SANKEY (2019) SANKEY MCGRATH SOLICITORS 

“Excellent initiative and delighted to support it.” MR DEREK GATELY (2019) LCS LEGAL 

“The lectures available are topical and relevant to my day to day work and concise.” MS DERVLA MULCAHY (2019) KENNY SULLIVAN SOLICITORS

“Excellent content and well presented. Great idea to combine CPD learning with social responsibility.” MR JOHN CUDDY (2019) CUDDY & CO. SOLICITORS 

“The topics covered are all relevant & well presented. In addition, it is great to be able to make charitable donations as part of the package.” MR DAVID ALLEN (2019) O'KEEFFE & MOORE SOLICITORS 

“Primary concern is relevant content & convenience. Wide choice of options also appealed.” MS MICHELLE CORCORAN (2019) R. NEVILLE & CO. SOLICITORS 

“Good online course content & in particular charitable aspects to the course.” MR MAURICE JOY (2019) CREAGH JOY & CO. SOLICITORS 

“I was very impressed by the choice of CPD lectures made available by CPD-Philanthropy. The lectures and content were of an extremely high quality. The cost is also very attractive as it is very reasonable. It is also very satisfying that charities benefit too and is a good way to encourage people and companies to donate to charities. I will definitely avail of this for 2020.” MS SHARON MARTIN (2019) AMCS Group

“Always a great selection of courses to choose from.” MS AISLING O’SULLIVAN (2019) BARRY C. GALVIN & SON SOLICITORS

“My first year supporting CPD-Philanthropy and I intend to support it going forward. It makes obtaining CPD hours so much more worthwhile being able to support charitable causes.” MR KEVIN JOHN BROOKS (2019) BROOKS & COMPANY SOLICITORS

“Excellent resource.” MS BRENDA MOUNSEY (2019) JOHN O. LEE & CO. SOLICITORS

“I found the CPD programme very interesting and beneficial to updating areas that I practice in.” MS SUZANNE GLAZIER (2019) S.T. GLAZIER& CO. SOLICITORS

“CPD-Philanthropy provides an excellent balance of altruism, convenience and high standard of content/delivery. Just a good idea.” MR MARK RONAYNE (2018) DAVID R. FOWLER SOLICITORS


“Lectures are very interesting to listen to. Excellent content. My third year here. The one-hour sessions work really well.” MS CAITRIONA HANNIGAN (2018) O’DONNELLS SOLICITORS

“The quality of the CPD programme is of primary importance for our firm. This has been confirmed by all who have participated from our firm. I can vouch for this also following the lecture I have completed. Social responsibility is a very important issue for our firm. We act for a number of charitable institutions, religious and educational bodies. We make substantial contributions to a number of charities throughout the year. CPD on a genuine learning basis rather than just ‘points collection’ is also very important for us. It is ideal to be able to combine these important objectives."MR JEROME MAUME (2018)O'FLYNN EXHAMS SOLICITORS

“An excellent way of learning.” MR GERARD O’HERILY (2018) M. ROCHE & CO. SOLICITORS

Convenience, low cost, charitable element, CPD-hours, quality/content. “It all makes sense and works as package for me:” MS VIVIENNE KANE (2018) FANNING & KELLY SOLICITORS

“Very helpful and efficient. Keep up the good work.”MR GEARÓID O’BYRNE (2018) T P ROBINSON SOLICITORS

“Lectures very relevant to every day practice and well delivered by practitioners. Charitable element is very desirable and a factor in CPD selection going forward.” MR GERALD MEANEY (2018) GERALD MEANEY SOLICITORS

“Excellent standard once again.” MS SHEILA DILLON (2018) HAUGHTON MCCARROLL SOLICITORS

“I was extremely pleased with the past 2 days which I found extremely beneficial and informative against a background of considering CPD to be an enormous drag for many years. Even as a non-conveyancer I found yesterday’s subject to contract module very helpful. The modules today on medical negligence, probate and the masters court were extremely good and in particular the two speakers for the masters court and the probate modules were excellent with the latter in particular being extremely informative and entertaining as everyone was beginning to tire.” MR SEAMAS TURNER (2018) M.J. O'CONNORSOLICITORS

“Quality great & have always supported charities.” MR CONOR MAGUIRE (2018) CONOR MAGUIRE & CO. SOLICITORS

“Very impressed with the service. The charitable element is an excellent idea.” MS TARA O’CONNOR (2018) NOONAN LINEHAN CARROLL COFFEY SOLICITORS

“The material was easy to access online and high-quality content.” MR RICHARD LEE (2018) BAILY HOMAN SMYTH MCVEIGHSOLICITORS

“Many thanks again for a wonderful service.”MR JOHN GLYNN (2018) QUIDEL IRELAND LIMITED

“Enjoyable way to update my knowledge on new procedures.” MR PATRICK KEANE (2018) KEANE SOLICITORS

“Presentations good, very informative.” MR PAUL MCCARTHY (2018) BREEN GEARY MCCARTHY & SHEE SOLICITORS


“Very effective idea. The quantity & quality of lectures is improving every year. Thank you.” MS MARY HAYES (2018) ANTHONY CARROLL & CO.SOLICITORS

“Solid content & presentations combined with a very competent organisational base make this a very attractive CPD opportunity. The charitable element adds to the winning synergy of the event. MR ENDA O’TOOLE (2018)MALLIN O’TOOLE LAW FIRM


“Really good standard. Well done. I will pay € 200.00 to one of the charities. Last year it was SVP.” MR PATRICK IGOE (2018) PATRICK IGOE & CO. SOLICITORS

“Enjoyed course & content, will attend more.” MS LOUISE RIORDAN (2018)McMAHON O’BRIEN TYNAN SOLICITORS

“Majella Twomey & Eddie Keane excellent – Concise, clean & excellent communication.” MS FIONA MULHERN (2018) A.F. MULHERN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Excellent CPD lectures at a very reasonable cost.” MR PATRICK HIGGINS (2018) KEANE SOLICITORS

“While cost & convenience were the main factors, my colleague told me that the lectures were very good. I am glad that charities are benefiting.” MR PAUL MCKNIGHT (2018) FELTON MCKNIGHT SOLICITORS

Good to balance professional requirements with charitable work.” MR FERGAL BOYLE (2018) CONNOLLY FINAN FLEMING SOLICITORS

“I think CPD-Philanthropy do a very good job in providing Seminars and Lectures, which are interesting. Lecturers presenting these courses are very good.  I would recommend CPD-Philanthropy on their attitude to social responsibility.  A great idea.” MR FINBARR PHELAN (2018) NIALL J. WALSH & CO. SOLICITORS


“The information provided in these CPDs was excellent. The topics were relevant to our practice. This was one of the main reasons why we chose CPD-Philanthropy. Also the ease of access to the information online was very convenient as we practice in a rural area in the west of Ireland. It is difficult to attend CPDs in Dublin. Thank you very much.” MS MONICA ROCHE (2018) O'KELLY MOYLAN SOLICITORS

“Needed an efficient way of doing CPD. Great idea.” MR PÁDRAIG MULLINS (2018) GAFFNEY HALLIGAN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Good notes & slides with presentations especially on AML & LSR Act 2015 will be very useful to me as a sole principal in small general practice to refer to. I made a donation of €300.00 to doctors without borders working in Sudan. I am now more aware of the conflict there as a result of your CPD courses.”MS PATRICIA LEAHY (2018) E.A. BRENNAN SOLICITORS

“Very impressed with quality and content of Lectures.” MS ELAINE SNOW (2018) LEES SOLICITORS

“I would like to commend CPD-Philanthropy for putting together these easily accessible and first-class presentations. Well done CPD-Philanthropy for combining social responsibility with CPD.” MR PHILIP VINT (2018) PHILIP VINT & CO. SOLICITORS

“e-Lectures were easy to access and informative. It is highly commendable that the CPD courses also benefit charities.” MS JIMELLE GALLAGHER (2018) CHIEF STATE SOLICITOR’S OFFICE

“Good to see Solicitors give back.” MS ELIZABTEH WARD (2018) ELIZABETH WARD & CO. SOLICITORS

“The courses are very topical & relevant to day to day practice with convenience of accessibility online. The charitable element to attending these lectures by CPD-Philanthropy is a great factor in choosing to do your courses coupled with a great variety of very relevant & topical subject matter”MS LORRAINE SCANLAN (2018) CARMODY MORAN SOLICITORS

“Presentations in all the videos & notes are very helpful.”MR BERNARD STOBIE (2018) BERNARD STOBIE SOLICITORS

“Quality of lectures is very good.” MS JOANNE MITCHELL (2018) CORCORAN & CO. SOLICITORS

“Helpful & efficient way of updating & complying – Good to make a difference.” MS SIOBHAN MCGOWAN (2018) ALASTAIR PURDY & CO SOLICITORS

“I did all my CPD hours with you this year & I found your service to be excellent.” MR SIMON FLEMING (2018) CONNOLLY FINAN FLEMING SOLICITORS

“The wide variety of available legal topics through a variety of mediums for delivery together with a focus on charity is a very appealing model for delivery of CPD for lawyers. With the associated costs of CPD going to charities it has certainly had a positive impact on my own & employers attitude & social responsibility. I would recommend this model to colleagues.”MR JOHN MCSHANE (2018) MIDWEST CORPORATE SERVICES LTD

“Pleased with all lectures.” MR DOMHNALL Ó SCANAILL (2018) Ó SCANAILL & CO. SOLICITORS

“This is a great service provided at short notice. I will ensure payment is made to charity.”MR TOM HARDY (2018) HAMILL WALLACE & HARDY SOLICITORS


“The accessibility online was very user friendly. It is useful to bring a charitable element into the legal firm.” MR CILLIAN THORNTON (2018) CONNOLLY FINAN FLEMING SOLICITORS

“Very convenient – will definitely take part again.” MS AISLING GLYNN (2018) MCMAHON & WILLIAMS SOLICITORS

“Lectures relevant & plain. Speakers very good. Good overall experience.” MR GERRY MCERLEAN (2018) MAGUIRE MCERLEAN SOLICITORS

"The quality of lecturers is exceptional and the content is excellent. The accompanying notes are also excellent. The concept is excellent and highly commendable." MR PATRICK BUCKLEY (2017)PATRICK BUCKLEY & Co. SOLICITORS

“Overall excellent. Thank you.” MR P.J. O’LEARY (2017) P.J. O'DRISCOLL & SONS SOLICITORS

“The lectures were excellent and content so relevant. I would definitely do it again.” MS SHAUNA O’GORMAN (2017) O’GORMAN SOLICITORS SANDYFORD

“Lecture delivery and quality was excellent.” MR DENIS MCMAHON (2017)MCMAHON O’BRIEN TYNANSOLICITORS

As first-time user of CPD-Philanthropy I m hugely impressed at the excellent content and excellent delivery, very clear and concise. It is a bonus to think that apart from the excellent nature of the e-Lecture, which benefits me professionally and in business, that I can also benefit charity.” MS FIONA MULHERN (2017) MULHERN & Co. SOLICITORS

“I thought that the Anti-Money Laundering presentation was excellent.” MR PATRICK KELLY (2017) MCKEEVER SOLICITORS

“Quality has been excellent.” MR MARK RONAYNE (2017) DAVID R. FOWLER SOLICITORS

“Very useful in stimulating internal office discussion of new issues & procedures. Obviously, it is a legal requirement, however the philanthropic element helps to make it a satisfying experience.” MR RONAN P. O’BRIEN (2017) TP ROBINSON SOLICITORS

“The service is extremely user friendly & efficient as well as being excellent value for money.” MS CAROLINE BUCKLEY (2017) PATRICK BUCKLEY & Co. SOLICITORS


“First time doing online CPD and found them to be very good. Very convenient and plenty of options to choose from.”MS EMMA GLYNN (2017)JOHN GLYNN & Co. SOLICITORS

“I found the lectures very informative.”MS ANTONIA COSGROVE (2017) HEWLETT-PACKARD INTERNATIONAL BANK PLC

“CPD-Philanthropy is an excellent, effective way for solicitors to fulfil their annual CPD requirement, whilst also satisfying our social responsibility duties. MS MARILYN MCNICHOLAS (2017) MARILYN MCNICHOLAS & Co. SOLICITORS

“Overall very good. Many thanks for the excellent seminar last Friday.” MR TOM P. SIMPSON (2017) KILROYS CORPORATE AND COMMERCIAL LEGAL SERVICES

 “Wide choice of topics by e-Learning is very helpful.” MS MARY BENNETT (2017) MARY BENNETT & Co. SOLICITORS


“We will contribute to a charity following on this lecture. Most helpful.” MR THOMAS G. HARDY (2017) HAMILL WALLACE & HARDYSOLICITORS

“I found this a great way to do some of my CPDs on my own terms, in my own time. I was unaware of your programme before attending your lectures on the 1st of December 2017, I was therefore not aware of the high quality of your programmes. Now that I am aware I will be using your programmes in the future.” MR SEAMUS MAHER (2017) W.X. WHITE SOLICITORS

“Very convenient and excellent materials/lecturing. Thank you.” MR ANDREW GREENLEE (2017) ROSEMARY SCALLON & Co. SOLICITORS

“Excellent tutorials, efficient service. Enjoyed the tutorials, would recommend to colleagues.” MS HAZEL HATTON (2017) NOBLE SHIPPING LAW

“My initial motivation was entirely the need to complete my CPD requirement and I was totally unaware of CPD-Philanthropy. Having completed 9 of the 10 lectures now, however, I would certainly avail of this again next year as I have found the lectures to be genuinely informative, interesting and to be a very useful use of my time.” MR SEAMUS TURNER (2017) M.J. O’CONNORSOLICITORS

This is a very worthy initiative, which I was unaware of until this year. I congratulate all involved.” MR EDWARD J. O’BRIEN (2017) EDWARD O’BRIEN SOLICITORS

“Excellent programme on offer. Thank you for providing this opportunity.”MS MARY  HAYES (2017) JOHN CASEY SOLICITORS

“It is a great idea to introduce a charitable rather than a commercial element to CPD learning and it is good to see it becoming more common. It was also nice to be able to choose which charity the donation was made to.” MS FIONA REYNOLDS (2017) MALCOLM LAW

"Very well organised. Very convenient and easy to use and fast reply to any queries raised.” MS ESTHER MORRISSEY (2017) DELAHUNTY O’CONNOR & Co. SOLICITORS

“This is my first time to avail of the courses provided by CPD-Philanthropy and I hope to complete my total CPD for 2018 with this organisation, at which point the quality/content of the CPD programme will be a significant factor in my motivation for choosing CPD-Philanthropy.” MS FIONA BRENNAN (2017) FIONA BRENNANSOLICITOR

“Your lectures are worth listening to. The lectures are excellent.”MS HEATHER CELMALIS (2017) HEATHER CELMALIS SOLICITOR

“Anti-Money Laundering is a very dense subject, but the presentation kept me interested.” MS CHRISTINA SAUER-DECHANT (2017) CHARLTONSSOLICITORS

“These lectures are very helpful and can be watched on train journeys from Cork to Dublin, where I frequently find myself.” MR CORMAC O’REGAN (2017) JAMES RIORDAN AND PARTNERSSOLICITORS

“I found the lectures to be excellent and the content was perfect.” MS FIONNUALA M. KEATING (2017) KEATING CONNOLLY SELLORSSOLICITORS

“Amazing service, well done guys. Very relevant content.”MS CLARE FLAVIN (2017) ORPEN FRANKS

“I am a sole practitioner, so it’s a convenient & socially responsible way of getting CPD done.” MR OISÍN O’NEILL (2017) O’NEILL MEDIA LAW

"Eddie Keane was delighted to accept an invitation to present at a recent CPD Philanthropy event in Cork. CPD Philanthropy are an organisation who specialise in providing continuous professional development for legal practitioners in return for which the practitioners make donations to their local charities. Eddie’s presentation on the Workplace Relations Act was well received by the large attendance." UNIVERSITY of LIMERICK (2016)School of Law. Available at:  http://ulsites.ul.ie/law/eddie-keane-cpd-philanthropy (accessed 26 February 2017)

"Overall I have found these lectures to be helpful and informative. While the principal reason was to obtain CPD, the lectures have helped me to brush up on important current legal developments." MR JOHN DEIGNAN (2016) HAYES SOLICITORS

"Next year I keep this in mind and will avail of it again. The convenience and charitable element make it a very attractive option." MS AISLING MALONE (2016) HAYESSOLICITORS

"Well done to everyone involved in this." MR RAYMOND FITZPATRICK (2016) AUGUSTUS CULLEN LAW

"First time attendee - I like the opportunity to gain CPD points whilst contributing to worthwhile causes." MS WENDY DOYLE (2016) WENDY DOYLESOLICITORS

"Excellent e-learning CPD lectures and very good lectures which give a lot of new information." MS SALMA PARYANI (2016) EVANS LITTLE O'REILLYSOLICITORS

"Very useful, informative, helpful and positive."MS BARBARA LYDON (2016) AUGUSTUS CULLEN LAW

"Courses were helpful and the one on Probate/Succession Act was absolutely excellent, really really good."MR JAMES RIORDAN (2016) JAMES RIORDAN AND PARTNERSSOLICITORS

"First time availing of e-learning &  very impressed with the programme. Any opportunity to combine social responsibility is welcome and to be encouraged."MS MARY HAYES (2016) FENCHA PROPERTY SERVICES COMPANY

"Nice opportunity to help charitable organisations while also gaining CPD points." MR NIALL MORAN (2016) NIALL J MORANSOLICITORS


"Standard of lectures excellent. Delighted to have the opportunity of CPD with charitable contribution."MS SHEILA DILLON (2016) HAUGHTON MCCARROLLSOLICITORS

"Very effective in delivering content. Very reasonable and convenient service."MS LORRAINE GILLICK (2016) GILLICK & SMITHWICKSOLICITORS 

"Well done on the excellent and informative online courses." MR COLM E DUNNE (2016) BOWLER GERAGHTY & COSOLICITORS

"Great way to get your CPD points. Excellent idea for firms to take up."MR EOIN COLLINS (2016) AUGUSTUS CULLEN LAW

"A novel idea and very welcomed by this office. E-lectures are very easy to access and the quality is very good."MS AISLING JORDAN (2016) JORDAN LAWSOLICITORS

"Excellent reading and viewing. Very informative. Excellent service, pleasure to deal with."MS ALISON KIERNAN (2016) JOHN M. FOLEY & COSOLICITORS

"It's nice to couple the chore of CPDs with a charitable purpose." MR JOHN TARPEY (2016) ROUNDTREE TARPEYSOLICITORS

"Property law - Excellent content" MS FLORENCE HUTCHINSON (2016) HUTCHINSON & COSOLICITORS

"A convenient and low cost option to obtain the necessary CPD points."MR BRIAN HARRINGTON (2016) HARRINGTON & COSOLICITORS 

"It is a great idea to combine CPD with charitable objectives."MS ROISIN GALLOGLY (2016) O'HANRAHAN QUANEYSOLICITORS

"This is an opportunity to contribute while gaining valuable CPDs in return." MR ORODE MOSES OYIKI (2016) AARON SOLICITORS

Content, presentation, relevance, informational value: [EXCELLENT]MR DONNCHA GOULD (2016)DAVID KENNY & COSOLICITORS

"As I have said already I think this is a fantastic idea and makes CPD more palatable."MS EIBHLIN O'SULLIVAN (2016)EOS SOLICITORS

"With many thanks for the very relevant Lectures last Friday, which were all very well presented."MS MARGOT POWER(2016) DAVID PUNCH & CO SOLICITORS

"Many thanks to those who reduced own fees to allow charitable donations." MS LIOSA O'SULLIVAN (2016)CAREY TOOLS  LTD

"I wish to congratulate you on organising an excellent seminar. In particular the review of the up to date case law on solicitors Undertakings and Misconduct cases was most interesting to have as well as the other topics covered." MS TERESA GAVIN (2015)GAVIN BURKE SOLICITORS

"Combining teaching, self-development and philanthropy via the vehicle of continuous professional development not only creates a mutually beneficial outcome for professionals, educators and charities alike, but also creates a positive environment of giving through learning."MS MAJELLA TWOMEY BL (2015)

"Straight forward, good and well presented. Thank you." MR JOHN NEVILLE (2015)JOHN NEVILLE & COSOLICITORS.

"This initiative is a really novel idea where two areas have been prioritised; high-class training from top experts, but also a social dividend in the form of a charitable contribution. The approach of combining innovative, cutting-edge professional development with a philanthropic philosophy offers a fresh and unrivalled learning experience. Coupled with the benefit of knowing you have made a meaningful contribution to your chosen charity, this is a ground-breaking model of continuing education."DR TADHG O’ MAHONY (2015)

“CPD is the life blood of a successful legal practice and volunteering and philanthropy are part and parcel of the legal profession’s broader relationship with the society. The problem for any lawyer is making time for both. I am delighted to be part of this initiative because of its ability to combine CPD and philanthropy to the mutual benefit of the participants and the good causes it supports.” MR JACK TCHRAKIAN, BL (2015)