Debt Collection and Repossession – An update December 2016

This course focuses on the newest developments and challenges facing practitioners on both sides of the debt collection and repossession divide.

 Course Content:

  • Private debt collection proceedings and the difficulties presented by the summary process
  • Defences to debt collection matters - particularly the developing jurisprudence regarding undue influence in the wake of Ulster Bank v Roche
  • The different types of repossession proceedings -mortgages on commercial and principal private residences as well as judgment debtors and the well charging process
  • The shifting landscape of jurisprudence as regards the Circuit Court and repossessions
  • Practical difficulties faced in prosecuting and defending repossession proceedings in any Court
  • The absent spouse as a problem in joint mortgages and how to address it

Duration & pricing:

  • Net-Duration: 2 hours

This lecture is no longer available.

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