Majella Twomey Barrister-at-Law, BCL, Dip, Acr.Med

Majella Twomey is a  Barrister-at-Law, with over 20 years experience. Majella  has a general, Civil Law practice on the Dublin Circuit, with a particular focus on Family Law, Property Law and Human Rights Law.

Majella has lectured Family Law, Property Law and Contract Law to undergraduate students at Dublin City University and she was an adjunct lecturer at Griffith College Dublin, where she has taught Immigration and Asylum Law to LLM students on the Masters in Human Rights post-graduate programme. Majella has also supervised students who are carrying out doctrinal research for dissertation projects. 

As well as lecturing at third level institutions, Majella has a vast amount of experience in delivering CPD lectures to Solicitors. Since 2010, she has lectured in the areas of Solicitors Regulations, Management, Undertakings, Family Law, Property Law, Mediation and Negotiations among other things. 

Majella has been a member of The International Protection Appeals Tribunal (IPAT, formerly The Refugee Appeals Tribunal) since 2007, where she hears cases on a weekly basis. Through her work at the International Protection Appeals Tribunal, Majella has been invited by the European Asylum Support Office [EASO] to provide trainings and workshops to Refugee Law Judges from across Europe. 

In addition to this, Majella sits as a decision maker on Mental Health Tribunals and is a Deputy Chair at The Valuation Tribunal. Majella has acted for The Department of Health, as documentary Junior Counsel in The Inquiry into Child Abuse in Residential Institutions (The Ryan/Laffoy Commission).

Photo - Majella Twomey BL