The Statute of Limitations is, perhaps, the biggest enemy of every Lawyer. Time limits for issuing proceedings must be strictly adhered to and serious consequences can flow for failure to comply with the relevant time periods laid down. This one- hour lecture gives a comprehensive overview of the relevant statutory time periods for various causes of actions.

 Topics covered:

  • Property damage time limits
  • Personal injuries time limits
  • Medical Negligence time limits
  • Probate time limits
  • Contract Law time limits

 Learning outcomes:

  • To have an overview of all of the statutory time limits set for each different type of action.
  • To have an understanding of the recent changes in relation to ‘time of accrual’ in property damage/ defects cases.
  • To gain clear knowledge of Section 3(1) of The Statute of Limitations Act 1991 and the issue of discoverability.
  • To be able to advise Medical Negligence clients on the relevance of the ‘date of knowledge’ issue.
  • To know when time stops running.

Teaching methods:  

e-Lecture, PowerPoint

Duration & pricing:

  • Net-Duration: 1 hour

To review current/scheduled booking options, please refer to: 2020 Legal CPD programme

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